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A stadium’s worth of Mystificatory Piety.
October 2014

Untitled by (elizabeth weinberg) | Website 

Rebecca Léveillé-Guay
"The Benieth"
9” x 12”

Lee Woodman - Line Meditation #10 - 2014

searching for words   //    b l a n k a  m a t e n o 

Sharp thorns stretched and climbed up above the roofs.

Friedrich Wegener, from Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty), by The Brothers Grimm, Berlin, 1901.

(Source: archive.org)

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, US (by Alexis Coram)

Thomas Davison, The Fates, 1818. Originally situated as a group of three female figures at the Parthenon, or Temple of Minerva at Athens. Via Getty Open Content.

David Begbie - Self Contained, 1990

Wild Sugracane 。 甜根子草
by Bluewein  (bluewein.tumblr.com)
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