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abstract airplane America angel animal architecture Asia b&w bat beach bear bird blood boat body book bubbles cloud color crow dark death deer dragon dragonfly droplets Europe ex libris falling feather film fish floating flower flying fossil fox hair halloween hand historical horse illustration ink insect jellyfish landscape leaf light lion macro map matrix microscopic millipede moon mountain mushroom music neck nude ocean octopus organic painting photo plant print quote raven reflection samurai scan science sculpture sex shark ship shoulder sinking skeleton skin skull sky smoke snake song space squid star stone swimming text tiger tiltshift tree turtle video vintage water waves whale wing wood x-ray zebra

Night Seascape, 1977 | Oil on canvas |  Roy Lichtenstein

Erwin Blumenfeld     Undated

Kansuke Yamamoto -  From ” The Magician’s Newspaper “, 1953

Triple Hand Stack. Woodcut print 9” x 12”

The latest installment of Henri Cole’s Paris diary: “This morning I observed a beautiful, sleeping chipmunk. Animals—like humans—seek a safe, sheltered place to sleep. Deer make a bed out of unmowed grass, rodents burrow in the soil, and apes create a pallet of leaves. In Paris, I sleep alone on a thick foam mattress. Because my dreams are incoherent, I lose any sense of time or place. Often I fly.”
For more of this morning’s roundup, click here.

Fabulous beast of Tibet from Qazwini’s cosmographyIraq or Eastern Turkey, early 15th century; watercolor, ink and gold on paper

Raquel CCampos (b. Madrid, Spain) - Adolfo’s Bones, 2013     Drawings: Pencil
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